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What is gift permit

Under gift permit, those who work overseas under valid visa can gift a vehicle to blood relative or a family member. A foreign worker can send a vehicle which is not older than 10 years to his/her mother, father, brother and wife. It could be a car, van, Jeep or a cab. A petrol car not exceeding 1800 cc, Diesel car not exceeding 2300 cc, A petrol Jeep, Van or Cab not exceeding 2800 cc, A Diesel Jeep, Van or a Cab not exceeding 3000cc. The benefit is that you can purchase the vehicle at a lower price and give it as a gift to a resident relative. One gets this opportunity once in 5 years. The donor should be a foreign worker and cannot donate it once s/he comes back to Sri Lanka. Cannot donate vehicles which are older than 5 years or driven left. Application obtained from the import and export controller, 2 photos of the vehicle from front and rear view, registration certificate, documents proving that the owner has earned foreign exchange, photocopies of the passport and the visa pages, certificate of foreign employment ( 1 year service completion certificate for vehicles not older than 5 years and 3 year certificate for vehicles less than 10 years ) documents proving the relationship, fitness certificate of the vehicle etc. should be produced.

A fee of 5% of the value of the vehicle if the vehicle is used 3 1/2 to 5 years and 10% if the vehicle is used for 5 – 10 years. The duty and other taxes should be paid for the vehicle. The permit owner should be present; to clear the vehicle from the customs and the registration should be done on his name. The vehicle cannot be sold for 3 years.

Basic requirements of gift permit
  • Evidence of valid visa and source of income of donor
  • Evidence of foreign exchange remittance to Sri Lanka by donor
  • Export certificate, its English translation, invoice for vehicle from exporter , and two photos of the vehicle
  • Application forms duly filled by donor and donee

  • Restrictions
    1. Type of vehicles allowed to be imported under this scheme
    2. Cars, Jeeps, Vans, or Cabs not older than 10 years. There is no restriction of models and makes.

      (Engine Capacity)
      Petrol Diesel
      Car 1800 2300
      Jeep, van, cabs 2800 3000
    3. Type of vehicles that are not allowed to be imported under this scheme;
      1. Vehicles are older than 10 years.
      2. Left hand driven vehicles.
    Documents to be submitted to import a vehicle
    under mentioned documents should be submitted to the department of Import & Export.
    1. Duly completed CIE 06 Form.
    2. Two photographs of the vehicle (Two Dimensions)
    3. Bank Statements as evidence that the applicant has earned foreign exchange.
    4. Photocopies of the Visa pages, photograph page of the applicant, and the page having endorsement of leaving the country / arrival to the country of the pass port.
    5. Vehicle inspector certificate.
    License fee
    Vehicle Age (Years) License Fee ( On CIF Value)
    3 ½ 03%
    5-7 05%
    7-8 07%
    8-9 09%
    9-10 12%

    A license fee of 15% of CIF value of the vehicle should be paid to the Department. can help you to find the best vehicle for your money. We are specialized in finding a suitable car for Sri Lanka with highest resell value.

    Benefits of Gift Permit
  • Year of Manufacturing
  • Normally, we can import a car within 3.5 years. But if we have a permit it can go up to 5 years.

  • Price – CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)
  • When vehicle age is close to the 5 years, the CIF is less than the 3.5 years vehicle.

  • Custom Duty & Tax
  • Apply the normal Duty / Tax Structure (doest apply any duty concession). But Duty / Tax Calculation mainly based on the year of manufacturing. When age is close to the 5 years, Duty / Tax amount automatically goes down. In addition to that, they will charge 15% Gift Tax.

    Procedure for buy a vehicle for gift permit
  • If you are expecting to get permit then you have go to the Import Export Control Department (I/E Dept.) at No. 75 1/3, 1st Floor, Hemas Bldg, York Street, Colombo 01. ( and ask for two set of applications. One for abroad person and other for you.
  • After that, you need to get Performa Invoice (P/I) and CR (Cancellation of Registration of vehicle) from exporter in Japan.
  • Next, you should attach the evidence of relationship like birth, marriage certificates etc (what ever ask from I/E Dept.)

  • Getting Permit
    1. Completed two application sets
    2. P/I and CR
    3. Relationship Original Documents
    Hand over all these documents to I/E Dept. and after few weeks you can get the permit (Customer has to follow it).

    Getting Vehicle
    After obtaining the permit, you must open a Letter of Credit (LC) for the full CIF. After open the LC, we will ship the vehicle and it will reach within three weeks. At the time of clearing, our clearing agent will do the rest. Customer should pay the clearing charges (15,000 Rs) and extra option tax (depend on options) as final payment to the clearing agent.
    Customer responsibilities
  • Coordinating with us
  • Make correct selection and stable decisions
  • On time payments
  • Submit the complete registration form to the custom office (we will guide you).
  • Collecting documents from the Bank.
  • Collect the delivery note from shipping line with our guidance.
  • Hand over all documents to our clearing agent.
  • Preparing the bank draft for the TAX.


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